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A gassy baby is an unhappy baby. A baby’s young digestive system is very prone to gas, especially when they’re being fed formula. Even though formula tends to give gas more than milk, there are actually some formulas that are designed to be easier on the digestive system and reduce gas, and they can make a huge difference. Unhappy with Similac Sensitive, Painful Gas, Crying Baby. Good Start? Soy? Alim? Updated on. Good Start with both of my children. They were gassy and constipated from Similac. They adjusted well with the Gerber Good Start within a few days. I recommend Gripe water or Mylicon to aid with the gas pains. Gassy and Fussy Baby https. We started on Similac pro Advanced but he wasn’t pooping. Then we tried Similac Sensitive and he wanted to eat nonstop. The doctor then started him on Prosobee but it constipated him pretty bad. So doctor then put him on Alimentum saying baby has a milk allergy. LO drank it for about a week but then stopped and got super fussy and spitting it. If the baby is having digestive problems to begin with that are exacerbating the gassy/fussy issues, your child's pediatrician can guide you to the best solution to solve your baby's problem. No food is one size fits all so while it might work for your baby, it might just make matters worse. we started on similac pro advance. around 6 weeks my daughter got fussy what baby didn’t at 6 weeks!!. I thought pro sensitive made him more gassy, it's very foamy. also now I exclusively use RTF. it's expensive but worth the. Trying to determine what is normal vs not.I started my baby on formula Similac Advanced Pro almost 2 weeks ago.

We had a sample of Similac that we tried, did that for a week and we switched to Similac Sensitive which seemed to work well for the last 3 weeks. The last few days he's been far more fussy than normal. Today was the worst. He's having plenty of wet diapers and he's pooped three times today, seedy not hard, but he's SO gassy. Yeah I think that Similac Advance is a little too much for newborns tummies. I agree with AML. My son was on Similac Alimentum and its a really good formula for newborns b/c its soo gentle on the digestive system, which makes for a happy baby and YES its very expensive.

08/06/2010 · My 3 week old daughter has been on similac advance since birth but lately it is making her very fussy, gassy, and she has trouble burping every 2 ounces when feeding. I have tried gas drops but they didn't seem to help much. I was thinking of switching her to similac sensitive to see if that would. My baby girl has been extremely fussy and has gas as well as refux. I need help finding a formula for a gassy and fussy baby! - Stay at Home Moms.

Week 3: tried to transition to enfamil infant, very gassy baby, switched back to gentlease Week 3.5-5.5: exclusively on gentlease Until we tried to switch formulas, she wasn't very gassy and was never fussy. Since we switched back to gentlease, she's very gassy, fussy and her poop is solid. 03/09/2015 · Our baby girl is 3 months old and she has been on Similac Alimentum since she was 1 month old. Her doctor did not think it is necessary to switch to Alimentum because after testing one of her soiled diapers they did not find any traces of blood, which to.

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